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Super Bowl Cupcakes The Packers vs the Steelers

I made these to celebrate the Super Bowl teams this year. There is no real loyalty to either side but the house is rooting for the Packers this year. My husband chose them since “the Steelers have been to the Super Bowl too many times”.

The Packers cupcake flavor is Chocolate Guinness, and the Steelers is Root Beer Float. The Root Beer Float cupcake has a Root Beer glaze on top. When the cupcakes were warm I poked about 4-5 holes on top so the glaze would fall all through the inside of the cupcake to give it a little more of the root beer flavor. I did the same for the Chocolate Guinness cupcake, but used a Guinness glaze. I LOVED this Guinness cupcake. I can’t even describe the flavor. It’s unlike any other flavor cake I have ever had. You’ll just have to try it! While I liked the Root Beer Float cupcake, I thought it had a flour like taste. So it just needs some tweaking. But the Chocolate Guinness cupcake was AWESOME. Keep an eye out for the recipe.

The Packers gold color I made from a piece of premade Yellow Wilton fondant and mixed with white Satin Ice and mixed more coloring in it. It was a mix of Americolor Gold and Wilton Yellow and I think I did a touch of Wilton Orange to get the Packers gold color. I thought it turned out perfect. 🙂

For the Packers dark green color, I used the premade Wilton fondant in Green and mixed a small amount of Wilton Black. I was happy with the colors.

I used a “G” cutter from Makin’s and gave it a gentle tug to make it more of an oval shape. I didn’t have an oval cutter for the emblem so I just used a circle cutter and gave it a gentle tug and shaped it into an oval.

For the Steelers cupcakes I used black and white Satin Ice. For the stars I used premade Wilton Blue, Red and the leftover Packers gold color. I used a pastry tip to cut circles in the different colors, then used the same pastry tip and cut the corners of the circles and there you have the little Steeler’s stars.

I ordered some edible ink pens which were scheduled to be delivered on Friday. Well the freeze happened and I still don’t have my order so I had to make do with what I had. I had some leftover buttercream and I used a lot of black to color it and mixed in some piping gel. And that’s what I used for the “Steelers” piping on the cupcake.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.